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Add 26 stars
to the flag



The idea of adding 26 stars to the flag or 50 is a result of the idea of "colony states" and population relocation as part of amends to Native Americans. The history of the UNITED STATES is one of mostly acquiring territory by various means, then in time forming and admitting a state. Most states were or are contiguous. One method of population relocation could be a "colonization subsidy" something like the Homestead Act or the Oklahoma land grants. Only these could be overseas. Land could be acquired by 50% colony states by treaty negotiated with present day nation states or simple land purchase. The Louisiana, Alaska and Gadsden purchases are familiar examples. I have already noted several possibilities but I'd rather not mention them here & now. Once the situation is ready to become a state according to precedent, it could be admitted and a star added to the flag. Another possibility could be federation with Canada. That could add 13 stars.


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