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Progressive Policy/Plan re: Iraq

(From email)Thursday, December 1, 2005///A Progressive Policy/Plan re: Iraq.

First of all, I am having difficulty maintaining my composure while I, as a fire victim, am under great personal and financial duress. Nevertheless, I offer this, my best proposal at this time under the present circumstances and shortcomings.

Granted that I do not agree with most of what has been USA policy so far. An effort should be made for a cease-fire and to convene a conference of immediately concerned parties: USA, Baathist representatives & present Iraq government, such as it is. U.S. soldiers to cease patrols and fall into tentative, defensive positions. The goal would be to conduct negotiations to return the government to Baathist control, with very stringent conditions.

 When accomplished, the result could be looked at as a very protracted, uncoordinated but eventually successful USA sponsored coup against Saddam. Included should be negotiations to establish an independent Kurdistan and a Shia entity in the southern/Holy areas. Whether this entity eventually federates with Iran would be up to it. I have studied a known oil field reserve map of Iraq. The oil could be produced fairly by simple royalty at the source, mostly near Kurdish Kirkuk, proposed capital. And the southeast areas. Then piped ONLY to the remaining area (Sunni) Iraq to be processed (refined and/or shipped crude). This would provide all parties the motive to produce & protect the oil pipelines. It may very well be possible for this to be used to pay debt including reimbursement of some or all USA war expendatures.

From my understanding of extremist politics, the Baathists & Al-Quaida in Iraq are natural mortal enemies. But are probably presently operating under the agreement "My enemy's (USA) enemy is my friend." They probably communicate somewhat but otherwise avoid each other. If one or the other gained government power, it would almost certainly promptly attack the other.  Clearly Saddam's secular/leftist(somewhat) government kept religious fanaticism in check. I would rather see this type of government, again with stringent conditions, in power, than the other. So, short said, the conclusion would be the Baathist type government restored to power, the present Kurd/Shia dominated USA sponsored government negotiated away into independent Kurdish & Shia states. RWM


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