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I have already written a peace proposal for Israel/Palestine. see Documents link.

Recent events include the Israeli invasion of S. Lebanon. This might be an opportunity for some movement on the resettling of Palestinians. There are three possible new land parcels that could be part of a Palestinian state. One, S. Lebanon south of the Litani River. Two, Golan Heights. Three, a land parcel carved out of N. Jordan contigous with the West Bank. These contiguous parcels when added to the West Bank could form a balanced new state.

Finally, I propose a Gaza/N. Israel swap. Gaza is not contiguous and otherwise awkward/untenable. Certain areas of N. Israel are awkward. A simple swap seems like a viable solution. The respective populations would have to be relocated. Then I further propose a highway/tunnel from the West Bank across Israel to @Tyre. That should increase and simplify travel and trade from the West Bank to the northern coastal areas/seaport of Palestine.

I propose the sequence be: Jordan determines and cedes parcel first. This could probably be done quickest as it is the least complicated. Two: Palestine negotiates with Syria & Israel for Golan Heights. Palestine negotiates with Lebanon and Israel for S. Lebanon. Also a possibility for Israeli expansion could be a land purchase from Egypt for Sinai parcel to be determined.


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