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On my domain name website: and on the home page of this site there is a Paypal button labeled Trust/Legal Defense/Fire Relief Fund. This is not for political/campaign contributions. I am working on a button for that to be put on this website. Visitors are referred to my pwp on which there are photos of fire damage. I took those photos.

On April 27, 2005, there was a fire at the duplex that was owned by my father in Camden NJ. I have lived there for the most part of almost 40 years. I was in CA. at the time helping a disabled friend move. By the time I got back, my sister had been contacted by unsavory insurance adjustors etc. They convinced my sister to convince my father, who had just before the fire, ect treatments, to let them handle it. I did the math and found that it would be far better for my father and also me to have me purchase the duplex. For one thing, since my father was underinsured, an insurance adjustor was unnecessary. I arranged financing and a contractor etc.  But the adjustor evidently arranged for it to be sold to an associate for a very low price.

In January I had eviction proceedings against me. I could not find legal assistance. The reason was Camden County Legal Services refused to assist me as an indigent person. I could not afford the retainers of attorneys I contacted. So I filed a complaint with the NJ Real Estate Commission and the NJ Department of Insurance and Banking. However I have not heard from these probably because I have become "mailless". Since possession of my apartment and my purchase of the duplex v. purchase by the associate was at issue, I refused to change my address. Recently the City of Camden completed the boarding up of the property by boarding up the front door. Then the mailman refused to deliver mail there pursuant to regulations.

This is the present situation to the best of my knowledge 8/30/2006. About 1/2 of my belongings and 3 of my vehicles are still there. (an old Econoline van, old small trailer, old TBird.  Local children have vandalized them). Throughout this ordeal both my father and I have not had legal assistance. So I have asked concerned persons to help me obtain legal assistance. RWM.


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