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Course correction for the UNITED STATES. March 27, 2006. A Proposal for Native American Amends.

Up until recently I have been very concerned about the political ramifications of this proposal. I was thinking that if I were to include in my campaign a very prompt, extensive intervention in behalf of Native Americans, it would be perceived as a snub or shortchanging of other groups i.e. voting blocks. Since the Native American vote is very small in comparison to others, it would be virtual political suicide. I could just simply not mention it.

But finally, recently, I realized, no, I would not try to appeal to the Native American vote thereby alienating the others. I would deliberately appeal to all Americans to support this proposal; on the ground that it is necessary, a moral mandate for America to be true to its ideals. To make amends; to do what should have been done 500 years ago. And would have I believe, if the original colonists had known what we know now. That is, briefly, to negotiate & create a "benevolent colony" i.e. one based on the mutual benefit of the colonists and the indiginous hosts.

I submit that a simple formula holds i.e, contiguous land & population parity along with some formula for economic parity and implementation of the principle of separation.-Separation being seen as necessary to preserve both sides-culturally, genetically (gene pool theory) and as we learned, for possible health reasons. I have developed a peace proposal for Israel/Palestine based on this formula.

So in the case of present day UNITED STATES, it would consist of the prompt assistance of representative Native American organizations to form a federation with elections asap. And the prompt phase in of an expansion of the reservation system. And a population expansion program consisting of positive eugenics and surrogate motherhood. Also, correspondingly, an immediate cessation of virtually all immigration; and emigration subsidy. I would estimate a goal of population parity of 50 million each side in 25 years. OR, maybe 100 million in 50 years.

Since the present population of the UNITED STATES is roughly 300 million, that would mean the emigration of about 250 Americans and rise of NA population of about 50 million in 25 years. One way of achieving this would be via emigration subsidies. There could be new colony-states created overseas. Either by treaty or by simple land purchases. Or people could elect to leave the USA for some other country. An American with a significant subsidy as well as other assets would be very well off in most other countries. In a way, the best asset to most other countries to agree to this would be the people themselves and all they bring with them-education, skills, technology & equipment, desire to help, make a new life etc.

All of this to be voluntary and orderly,nonviolently with full recognition of rights. On the related issue of reparations: I would recommend a Presidential level study. As it stands now, every immigrant represents a compounding of historical error. There is too much diversity. The UNITED STATES risks being torn in so many directions as to be rendered paralyzed or civil war of unprecedented magnitude. A course correction could simplify many things.

So, as part of my campaign, I submit this proposal, among many others, to the American people.

5/20/2006. Parity at about 100 million in 50 years sounds more feasible. I would suggest as a preliminary figure of $50,000 for emigration subsidy. $25,000 for colony-state subsidy. $50,000 for surrogate motherhood subsidy + expenses, medical, living (prenatal observation) etc. $25,000 for reproductive program participation. (harvesting of reproductive material with program for its storage &/or use). An interesting by-product of this program (Positive Eugenics) could be the virtual elimination of the need for abortions. e.g. if all women participated & harvested & stored their genetic material, pregnancies would only occur under strictly controlled conditions. There would be no such thing as an "unwanted pregnancy".


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