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I am a frustrated scientist. Depression has forced me to fail at college and not be able to pursue a scientific career. I was a chemistry major in college. I was trying to decide whether to go into pure science, perhaps research. Or medical school. I have many scientific ideas myself. And as President I would be certain to be actively involved in government scientific projects. Long ago I proposed and tried to create the Foundation for the Positive Application of Scientific and Medical Advances. I could not find 2 or 3 more people for the Board of Directors. It would have tried to help promote & make use of inevitable scientific and technological advances in practical and positive applications. Genetics, stem cell, alternative energy, cryogenics, space program e.g. replacement of the flawed Space Shuttle, etc. A friend of mine (who has an I.Q. of 170) recently remarked after the successful hand transplant, that it is not far from a head transplant. Indeed a head transplant would be far less complicated than a brain transplant. Also regarding cryogenics, we have unfortunately a trend of endanderment & extinction of species due to the effects of the increasing human presence. We should preserve as much of this biological material as possible. It occurred to me that one possible consequence of a government cryogenic program could be to offer the American people the option of preservation of their genetic and reproductive material, including post mortem corpse.


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